Red Thai Beef Fillet Curry

  • A classic thai curry dish with aromatic herbs including lemon grass and fresh red chillis which have been carefully blended with coconut milk to create a perfect balance of flavours.

    This dish is best suited with our basmati rice option.

  • Beef fillet, Onions, Garlic, Olive oil, Ginger, Red curry paste, Beef bouillion granules, Coconut milk,Coconut cream, Lemongrass, Fish sauce, Lime juice, Sugar, Mazina

    Red curry paste contains: Water, Garlic, Red chillies (5%), Lemon grass, Rice bran oil, Salt, Sugar, Onions, Galangal(3%), Thai lime peel, Coriander, Fish sauce(2%) (Anchovy extract, Salt, Sugar), Shrimp, Maize starch, Acetic acid, Pepper, Spice.


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