New and improved

August 05, 2016

We’ve been away during the course of July, and we’ve been very busy.

In between upgrading our website as well as our kitchen, creating new dishes and improving many of our meal photographs, it has been one crazy month!

We’ve been very focused on retaking photos of our dishes to capture the true essence of the food itself. In this process we came across our granny’s gift to our mom on her 21st birthday, a box of 24 karat gold cutlery set. We used these cutlery pieces in our photos to honour our gran as she loved to cook and spent her days in the kitchen with her four kids and many grandchildren.

We have many new ventures lined up but we are so excited to be up and running again. We now have a kiddies range of meals which are small healthy portions for the tots. We also have meal plans coming soon for all our customers; we have started with two meal plans, a 7 day and a 14 day meal plan. These plans will minimize your time spent choosing the meals you would like every week, therefore giving you more time to simply enjoy the food.

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