It's cold outside

June 22, 2016

Winter has started off with a bang! Although there have been a few warm and sunny days, you might need to bring out the heaters and warm blankets. Luckily the kitchen is a warm place to be.

As usual we have been very busy, not only have our weekly orders increased but we have also been adding new dishes to our menu for all those cold winter nights. Traditional winter meals such as soups and stews really warm the soul, and that is what we want to achieve with our dishes.

We try to keep our meals modern as well as traditional as that is what we’ve always been about. Some new dishes we have such as oxtail and chicken pie are classics as well as our favourites but we have added a twist to modernize each dish.

Our mom plays a big role in keeping our meals traditional, she always reminds us of what will make our customers feel like a part of the family which is our biggest goal, the reason we started Divine Dinners is to share our passion and love for food.

Keep a look out for more of our exciting dishes and don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date on what’s happening.

Keep warm!

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