Almost year end

November 24, 2016

It’s been a busy few months in the Divine Dinners kitchen, we’ve been on the go nonstop!

In between cooking, delivering and running around with the kids we have still managed to accomplish quite a bit since our last blog.

We have been creating and testing new dishes for our customers, we like to add a new dish every week to our menu so don’t forget to visit our website on a regular basis.

Throughout the year we have noticed that our regular customers as well as new customers don’t really have the time to sit down and look through our menu in order to create a menu for themselves for the week. We have taken the time to create a number of meal plans for your convenience. If you’re not sure which meal plan to decide on, just have a look through each one. This will definitely save you precious time.

Divine Dinners have also been very busy with our marketing side of business, keep an eye out for our logo as we have added car magnets to all our delivery vehicles as well as signage throughout the east of Pretoria.

We are very excited for further up and coming projects and as each month passes and we become more busy, we are reminded of how much we enjoy what we do but more importantly we love to see our hard work pay off when we receive positive feedback from our customers!

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