Summer loving

March 07, 2016

What a hot and dry summer its been. Lots of fruit and fluids have really been the only way we've gotten through it. Running around after two toddlers or heating up in the kitchen is not the easiest thing in this heat but hey it's better than having to be out in the blazing sun.

We've been busy! We have added an exciting selection of vegetarian meals to our menu. It's more than a trend or phase; vegetarian food is constantly on the increase. I love it! Even though I come from a greek family and there is no such thing as no meat. It's actually a cardinal sin not to eat meat, i think my Gran would actually have a breakdown and think I was mentally unwell if I told her no thank you to any of her meat food. But I personally really love my veggies and love cooking them so it was really enjoyable working on these meals. So keep a look out for our new items.

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